TEACH children the LOVE of Christ and the JOY of His FORGIVENESS and SALVATION

EQUIP children with the TRUTH of God's HOLY WORD

ENCOURAGE children in their own SPIRITUAL WALKS

DEMONSTRATE for children how to SHARE the LOVE of Christ with OTHERS


Sunday School

Sundays, 10 am

The Gospel Project curriculum immerses kids into the gospel from the bible’s 1st book of Genesis through the bible’s 66th book of Revelation. Simply reading, teaching, and discussing all the books of the bible isn’t enough. The Bible is not just a collection of stories, but rather one unified story—God’s perfect story of redemption. It is only when we realize that the entire bible is unified, and connected to our Lord Jesus Christ throughout, that we can begin to truly appreciate the bible, God’s Holy Word, for what it is.

Bring your Bible, and come join us!


Parent's Night Out

September 1st, 6pm-10pm

A night of freedom and rest for parents! A night of unparalleled fun for Kids!

Only $10 per child, or $25 max per family! Simply bring cash or a check when you drop off your child!

***Please note that PNO is split into two groups. Pre-K and younger will have different activities than Kindergarten-5th Grade!


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Kid's Extracurriculars


Questions? Concerns?

John Van Den Heuvel

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Director of Children's Ministries


(806) 799-3621 ext: 211

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